Novarbo rebranding


When Novagro changed its name to Novarbo there was need to design new visual brand and new brand photography. Novarbo has several different product categories which also needed their own symbols for marketing. P-J Graphics was chosen to do the work.

Novarbo Oy is an expert in substrates and greenhouse technology for professional use. Novarbo is part of the Finnish Biolan group.
Novarbo is exporting to over 30 countries.

Novarbo Oy is the leading expert in professional horticulture and greenhouse technology. The Novarbo Heat Reuse™ system is patented and has been tested in co-operation with professional growers and research institutions.

Old name and logo
New name and logo design

Product category symbols for marketing

Brochures for several countries.
Brand photography

Packaging design

Graphic design and pre-press work for packaging. Clear and easy to read-packaging with 3 pantone colours.

MossWool by Novarbo brand photo for website hero section.

3D animation and visual infographic for marketing Novarbo Heat Reuse

Novarbo Substrates brand photography

Novarbo Plant Factory marketing photography

Novarbo MossWool logo and brand photography

Novarbo Vertical Farm photography

Packaging and marketing photography

Brand photography for Novarbo Heat Reuse - Droplet curtain

Novarbo team T-shirt graphic design

Marketing photography

Studio photography for Product sorting presentation video

Brand photography - Biolan Group and Novarbo headoffice in Eura Finland

P-J Graphics designers in Eura did the visual Re-branding of Novarbo – Creating Greener Growth. We can offer visually strong and technically performing tools for your marketing.

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